About Rinchen Tsomo

Rinchen Tsomo is a sophisticated, quirky Asian-inspired label based in the Netherlands. Translated from Tibetan, Rinchen Tsomo means “Ocean of Jewels”. The luxury of “Ocean of Jewels” is reflected in the sensuous and beautiful Rinchen Tsomo designs that are presented with a relaxed lounge chic.

The Rinchen Tsomo style represents classic beauty and laid back style suitable for both formal occasions and everyday. Rinchen Tsomo revels in the timeless appeal of all beauty regardless of shape, color and size, and proudly celebrates the fullness of the sensuous feminine form. Rinchen Tsomo specially creates inclusive designer wear available for all women to enjoy with a sense of both well-being and sensuousness.

Rinchen Tsomo designs originally addressed the demand for classy nightwear in fine fabrics that was well-made without being either trite or tacky. We have come a long way since our first sleepwear collections, and Rinchen Tsomo now produces garments of all sizes, jewelry and shawls, home furnishings, knitwear and customized limited editions. Register here to keep up with the latest news, specials and sales previews!

Radia Willems
Founder and Designer, Rinchen Tsomo
Venray, The Netherlands, 2012

Our Philosophy

Rinchen Tsomo is a label with a difference. Freedom comes from not being tied down by mental limitations, ideas and rules set by others. Rinchen Tsomo, we create our aesthetic based on quality and good value for ourselves. Our interdependence allows us to reach out and touch lives. We especially are committed to make basic garments for women outside the confines of standard sizing. We understand and work within the scope of extra sizes to produce flattering clothes and classic luxury products to fit your every desire.

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About Radia

Radia and Rinchen Tsomo, go back some 6 years and this label is the result of a slow gestation that has allowed her to create a business for herself as well as grow in life and her faith. Radia finds inspiration from being able to reach out and touch other peoples’ lives with love and affection. She finds that odd solutions and different perspectives often help resolve practical questions. Radia also brings a playful and joyous view into her work. Radia reflects that her aesthetic for beauty in even quirky settings is also complemented by the fun and freedom generated from the transcendent love of spiritual life. Radia is always living life to the full and producing sophisticated, classic products to attract and create happiness for others. Rinchen Tsomo is Radia’s celebration of the clear energy of the beautiful and sensual feminine essence.